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Nellie Swanson Fulk Memorial

When Dr. Fulk donated his property to CLO, he specified that a suitable memorial to his deceased wife be placed on the grounds. This monument stood between the two houses fronting on 15th Street (The Brick House and the Brown House), and is now located in front of the West wall of the dining room.

The Monument

Closeup of dedication plaque

The Old Houses

This page contains some pictures of the "old" houses in which CLO members resided from the early 1940s until the mid-1970s, when the present facilities were completed. If anyone has a picture of the house in which members lived while the present facilities were under construction, please provide it for this historical record.

The Mother Ship in 1958

The Brown House

The White House

Work Detail on the Chow Hall (1957?-58?)

The Brick Garage (1968)

(Informal initiation preparation)