Walter Tarr on the way to the Gator Pond

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Walt Tarr Gatorponding Harold Barnett Unknown Gerry Presher Bobby Joens Frank Shepherd Unknown Walter Tarr Art Skinner Kim Cornelius Unknown Unknown Garry Dawson Charlie Chimielewski

1965 Football Game

Put your cursor on a face for a second, and if the person is recognized as someone who was in the CLO section at this game, a little box will open with the person's name -- or "Unknown" if we can't name him. (JavaScript must be enabled!) If no little box appears, then we don't know the person either by name OR as a CLO person. Your help in identifying people will be gratefully appreciated. Please send e-mail to Roger Johnson or Jim Swanson.

Football Game 1964  Unknown #1 Steve  Cheeseman Roger Johnson Unknown #6 Walt Tarr Unknown #9 Unknown #7 Unnknown #10 Bob Dinger? Unknown #5 Unknown #15 Unknown #16 Unknown #17 Unknown #14 Unknown #4 Unknown #15