CLO Members - 1983-84

Unknown Scott ? Cindy Wise Unknown Debi Perez Unknown Unknown Eileen Ovington= Unknown Unknown Unknown Sam Murfee Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Hillary Driscoll Olds Chris Oswalt Tamara (Tammy) Spangler Standley Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Peno Pan Unknown Unknown Susan Couch (?) Mark Wechselbaum Margie Brown Unknown Ricky Batoon Unknown Pat Hewitt Susan Oswalt Unknown Brenda ? Mike Harrison Dan Hogan? Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Todd Hawkins Unknown Unknown Andy Thompson Unknown Unknown Larry Jacobs Unknown Carol Ziska Dan Unknown Brett Pruitt Unknown

Quite a few of these people remain to beidentified. Put your mouse pointer on a person's face to see who we think it it. If you know any of the "question marks", please send email to Jim Swanson, giving the person's name and the "unknown number" so he can fix the page. There is some confusion as to which is the back row! Your assistance is much appreciated.

Back row, L-R: Unkown #4, Patti Grinstead Schnell, Bill Lewis, Sam Murfee, Unknown #16, Unknown #19, Chris Oswalt, Unknown #24, Bruce Albritton, Mark Wechselbaum (?), Ricky Batoon, Mike Harrison, Unknown #46, Unknown #48.

Second row, L-R: Unknown #1, Scott ?, Debi Perez, Anita Raghavan, Julia Jackson Connoly, Rhonda Horn Dobson, Hillary Driscoll Olds, Unkown #23, Steve (Rex) Grove, Bob Barton, Kelly Morgan, Unknown #36, Pat Hewitt, James Foster, Unknown #43, Todd Hawkins, Gary Foster, Mike Quinones, Larry Jacobs, Doug Campbell, Dan Stanfill, Brett Pruitt.

Front row, L-R: Cindy Wise, Eileen Ovington, Bob Disher, Caroline Hickman, Greg Gaines, Tamara (Tammy) Spangler Standley, Vernon Marcado, Peno Pan, Susan Couch (?), Margie Brown, Susan Oswalt, Brenda ?, Dan Hogan, Unknown #44, Andy Thompson, Unknown #52, Ruth Ramos Lopez, Carol Ziska Tomkovich.