CLO Members - 1982-83

CLO Members, 1982-1983 Ricky Batoon Bill Connolly Julie Jackson Connolly Peno Pan Scott McCartney Bryan Frick Melissa Thompson (?) Dickie Parker Dan Kent Barry Hatzenbuehler John Scott Dan Stanfill Unknown Unknown Steve (Rex) Grove Gary Foster Galen Connell Dan Zehr Kelly Morgan Pat Hewett Patti Grinstead Schnell Bruce Albritton Dan Lambright Bill Lewis Brett Pruitt Bob Barton Steve Hilla Rhonda Horn Dobson Kathy McHale Bob Discher Joe Carroll Bill Baron Shari McCartney Ester Andux Steve Kimball Margie Brown Sharon Joyce Terry Ransom Rosemary Rousch MacRay Unknown? Karen Mitchell Lambright Andy Thompson Mike Harrison Doug Campbell Todd Hawkins Brad Kramer (?) Vernon Marcado Mark Weichselbaum Tom Hair Craig Nelson Larry Jacobs

As you can see below, this picture has some unknown people and many who may be misidentified. If JavaScript is enabled on your machine, place your mouse pointer on a face and read the name we have associated with it. Please help by letting us know who is mis-named, and who the unknowns and question marks really are! Thanks.

Back row, L-R: Hyderick (Ricky) Batoon, Bill Connolly, Julie Jackson Connolly, Peno Pan, Scott McCartney, Bryan Frick (to right of window)

Third row, L-R: Melissa Gaye Thompson (?), Dickie Parker, Dan Kent, Barry Hatzenbuehler, John Scott, Dan Stanfill, Unknown, Unknown, Steve (Rex) Grove, Gary Foster, Galen Connell. Don Zehr, Kelly Morgan, Pat Hewett, Patti Grinstead, Bruce Albritton, Bob Barton, Dan Lambright, Bill Lewis, Brett Pruitt

Second row, L-R: Steve Hilla (white coat), Rhonda Horn Dobson (in striped dress) (or is it Julie Presnell?), Kathy McHale, Robert Discher, Joe Carroll, Bill Baron, Shari McCartney, Ester Andux, Steve Kimball, Margie Brown, Sharon Joyce, Terry Ransom, Rosemary Rausch MacRay, Unknown (with tie & mustache, Karen Mitchell Lambright, Andy Thompson, Mike Harrison

Front row, (kneeling) L-R: Doug Campbell, Todd Hawkins, Brad Kramer (?), Vernon Marcado, Mark Wiechselbaum, Tom Hair, Craig Nelson, Larry Jacobs