CLO Members - 1969-70

As you can see, this picture has many unknown people and many who may be misidentified. Please help by letting us know who the unknowns and question marks really are! Thanks.

Back row, L-R: Robin Cooper , [with hat, unknown], Robert Taber, [unknown], Whit Whitmere, [unknown], John Crews, Bill Jones, Timothy Baer, Don Freeman, David Burney, Ron Freeman, [unknown], Dick Holzapfel, Vince Assini, Jimmy Jackson, Norman Bash, Byron Cason, Bob Donahue, Bob Johnson, [unknown], Eric Ruff, Jerry Presher.

Second row, L-R: Louis __?__ (cook with hat), [unknown], Karen Pletcher McKenzie (?), Karen Tibesar, Eric Makela, [unknown], [unknown], Lucious Vaughn, Dan Johnson, Grover T. Howard, [unknown], Gus Kouremetis, Walter Tarr, Ernestine _?_ (Asst. Cook).

Front row, L-R: Dana Dearing , Jeff Gavere (?), [unknown], [unknown], John Payne, [unknown], Lynn Willis, Jerry Southwell, Pat Jarvis, James Lee (?).