CLO Members - 1938-39

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CLO Members 1938-39 Henry Motes Mort McCown Etho Skipper Edward Skipper Ruben Groom


T. Bert Fletcher, General Manager
L. E. Tew, Jr., House Manager
Kenneth A. Clark, Secretary
J. Bruce Smith, Chairman, Executive Board
Mortimer McCown, House Manager
R. Hudson Burr, Jr., Purchasing Agent


William Anderson Frank Carter Talbert Fowler Rodney Haney Henry Motes Fred Strange Frank Zander
William AtwaterWilliam CowenGeorge FreemanFrank HartsfieldJohn Rawls James Tew Frank Zimmer
Robert BaileyJack ClarkWoodrow GlennClaude HawkinsSam RegisterL. E. TewDon Williams
Harry BassettKenneth ClarkMyron GranthamBernard HowellWoodrow RichardsonPaul UsherWoodrow Black
John BerryFloyd EubanksBilly GriffithGerald HowellMahue RowanJohn WadsworthBill Williams
Harold BrewerEarl FairclothWinton GreenDon KimbalEdward SkipperGeorge WalkerArthur Titus
Beverly BrownBert Fletcher, Jr.Percival GrissettAdin MaltbyEtho SkipperLamar WattsLawton Owens
Harold BurneyHal FletcherRobert GunsonBishop McCauleyWallace SmileyCharles WinceyBilly Reese
Hudson Burr, Jr.Howard FletcherRuben GroomMortimer McCownBruce SmithLouis WinchesterTed Calmes
 Maxwell FletcherBill HaasBen MossRalph SpurlockAlbert Witt 

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