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We still need your help!

Your Alumni Foundation has accomplished a great deal since it was incorporated early in 2006. To date, alumni donations of a bit more than $190,000 have supported a major roof repair, renovation of 9 bathrooms, replacement of four air conditioning units, replacement of doors and locks on all sleeping rooms, repair of the breezeways connecting the buildings, and several other smaller maintenance and repair items. Also, a portion was used to reduce the legal bills generated during the court actions involving the University.

Last year's legal confrontation with the University severely hampered recruitment of members in the fall of 2006, resulting in a revenue shortfall. However, intensive recruiting efforts involving several volunteer alumni as well as CLO members themselves have resulted in a "full house" for this fall. Even with this good news, we still have a long way to go to fully maintain the vision of the founding members and of Dr. Joseph Fulk, the donor of CLO’s real property.

Examples of some projects that remain on the CLOAF “to-do” list are:

And the list goes on.

We need your help to keep CLO on a sound footing while these projects are being pursued. Your continued help will assure that financially needy students can continue to experience the University of Florida. It is easy to make a contribution, and since the CLO Alumni Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are entirely tax-deductible. Your cash contribution in any amount will be most welcome. Please make checks or money orders payable to:

CLO Alumni Foundation, Inc.
449 18th Ave.
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

Many alumni have made one-time donations, but some prefer to have an amount transferred periodically from a checking or savings account to the Foundation. You may wish to consider making a pledge to the Foundation, so that you can spread your contribution over a year's time. We will provide you with receipts to document your donations.

Most of us would not have made it through the University of Florida had it not been for CLO. There are many students and potential students who also need the support of CLO now to pursue their studies. You can help provide that support by giving back generously to CLO!

Thank you VERY MUCH!