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This page contains links to lists of CLO members by decades.

By clicking on one of the links to members by decade, you will be taken to a set of four tables for that decade:
  1. Members for whom e-mail and postal addresses are known;
  2. Members for whom only postal addresses are known;
  3. Members for whom we have no contact information; and
  4. Members believed to be deceased.

Occasionally, a person will appear in more than one decade, especially if they resided at CLO at the turn of a decade. If you do not find a person in the decade to which you think he or she belongs, check the preceding or following decade. It is very possible that a person has been mis-assigned.

Your assistance in keeping these tables correct and up to date will be greatly appreciated. Please report any listings that you believe to be in error, especially mis-spelling of names! You may send corrections and additions by e-mail to or to .

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9. “Lost”